No Conversations


Speak, Though No One is Hearing
Write, Though No One is Reading
Create, Though No One is Viewing
Converse, Though No One is Being

Press On
Move Forward
Run Toward
Keep On Keepin’ On
The Writing is On The Wall
In The Shadows Big & Tall

No Conversations
The deaf are dumb
And the dumb are many
Even in the land of good and plenty

No Conversations
The blind are broken
The broken are bound
True Freedom is no where to be found

Look, Though No One is Seeing
Give, Though No One is Taking
Love, Though No One is Engaging
Fight, Though No One is Waking

Move On
Gaze Forward
Sights Toward
The Straight Horizon
With Battleships at Full Sail
The Great Divide will Soon Pale

No Conversations
The lame are listless
The listless are prisoners
There cease to be any warriors

No Conversations
The dead are sleeping
The sleeping are weeping
For a greater, though unbelieving, reality