Did I Miss The Opportunity?

I’m Really Not Ready

To Help Other’s See


Stand Out In The Crowd

Hoping Ears Will Not Be Cold

Daring To Be Bold


Will I Stutter?

For Sure, My Heart Will Flutter

Will I Trip?

And Seem Like A Dip?





I Wish I Could, But Cannot Ignore

It’s Out Of My Control

I Have This Role


Wanting To Hide My Head

In the Sand

I Don’t Want To Grand-Stand


On The World’s Stage

And Reap People’s Rage


But My Role

Is In My Control

I Don’t Want To Fail

My Heart Will Pale

In The Mercy Seat

As Such, I Must Complete

My Role


Daring To Care

Life Isn’t Fair

Step Out of the Crowd

Be Loud

Take Courage

Don’t Be Discouraged

Have No Fear

Father Is Here

All Will Be Ok

Maybe Not Today

But Someday…

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