About Me


What is a person?

Take away all the titles, degrees, labels, definitions, “identities”, “knowing’s”… all the things we put upon ourselves to distinguish how we are different from one another… and what are you left with?

A person. Just a person.

That person is me. Teah Akrish playing the viola.

I’m a nobody. A woman mulling about in life who seeks peace. Especially peace within.

A lot has been put on my plate… more on that later. These experiences have caused a great deal of emotional strife, and from that if I am able to use it for good… personal, spiritual growth. Since you can’t see me right now, you should know that I’m crossing my fingers.

In the end, I need an outlet. This blog is that outlet.

Do you care about what I think? Probably not. But that’s not going to stop me from expressing myself. If you’re wondering how I feel about this subject, check out my poem “No Conversations“.

Ultimately, I hope you get something out of these musings. I hope they spur some spiritual growth, even if it’s just a spark, within you.

Here’s to you, and to me, each of us… on this great and grand journey called “Life”. May we continually do our best in each moment and seize the good that each opportunities presents, each and every day.

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