The Regular Way Loving Lies


Wake Up, Just Another Day
Trudging Through the Mire of The Regular Way
Minding Your Own Business
Just Doing Your Time
All Seeming to Be Perfectly Fine

Stand Up, Keep Waiting in Line
Keep Believing the Lie That Eventually
“My Time Will Be Mine!”

Sleep In, Just Another Stay
The Rat Race is Over, Now is Your Prime Day
Kicking Up Your Feet
Reclining in Your Seat
Paradise is Living Life on A Dime

Sit Down, Keep Watching the Clown
Keep Believing the Lie That Eventually
“My Life Will Be Mine!”

Is This the Way Life is Meant to Be?
You’re A Prisoner, & You Don’t Even Know It
Now’s the Time for Your Appeal
Why Endure Reality if it Isn’t Real?
Trust What You Feel

The Distance Between You & Heaven is in Your Mind
Look Inside, There’s Joy to Find
Stop Shutting Down Your Heart
Where Everything Starts
It’s All in Your Grasp
Forget About the Past
To Our Father, Your Eyes to Cast

Soon You Will See
Damaged, You’ll Agree
Manipulated, Obviously
Screwed With, Certainly
All for The Dollar Collar

Beaten, Never Ever
We Are the Winners
They Are the Losers
The Rulers of This World
Every Detail Controlled
But Only For A Short Spell
Loving Lies, Loving Lies, Loving Lies, Loving Lies
Lies Have No Staying Power
Soon Crumbles from Their High Tower
Will Crash Upon Their Heads as They Cower