My poems… or most of the time they really look like lyrics… are something that just come out of me. I am constantly processing the things that I see around me through a complex array of ideas, thoughts and emotions, with occasional bouts of clarity. When an especially extreme emotional moment hits, out pops a poem! I can easily write something in 10 or 20 minutes. That’s how it usually happens–in a flash of inspiration. On extreme days, I can easily write 3 poems a day. If I really want to try and refine the work, which a lot of times I don’t, I might spend a day mulling it over. Mulling. That’s what I do.

This page is where I share these mullings. I share to share. Some mullings are still in the works, some are not. Some are finished. A lot are not. Imperfect–I think most are. Emotional–all of them are. Some are filled with inspiration, and other’s rage. You should expect both, and everything in between.

Please note, I do not seek to offend, but rather, probe, provoke, stir–all in hopefully a good way that promotes positive change. This “positive change” to me really means “spiritual wholeness”, even if it’s just a change in a small thought. What I really desire is just for us to connect as people–and throw all of the “labels” aside. Let me know your thoughts, and hopefully… Enjoy.

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