Light It Up

Against the Dark Night Sky

The Ethereal Hides

Something’s Out There

Willing To Be Revealed if You Stare


Space Seems empty

A Void So Plenty

Until A Spark Ignites The Dry

Heaving the Fireworks To Fly


There is Purpose In All Things

There is Purpose In This Pain

Despite The Stains

There is So Much To Gain


Light It Up!

Light It Up!

Make It Brighter!


Light It Up!

Light It Up!

Make It Higher!


Light It Up!

Light It Up!

Make It Larger!


Light It Up!

Light It Up!

Make it Wider!


Nothing Will Be Unseen

You Won’t Believe The Scene



Did I Miss The Opportunity?

I’m Really Not Ready

To Help Other’s See


Stand Out In The Crowd

Hoping Ears Will Not Be Cold

Daring To Be Bold


Will I Stutter?

For Sure, My Heart Will Flutter

Will I Trip?

And Seem Like A Dip?





I Wish I Could, But Cannot Ignore

It’s Out Of My Control

I Have This Role


Wanting To Hide My Head

In the Sand

I Don’t Want To Grand-Stand


On The World’s Stage

And Reap People’s Rage


But My Role

Is In My Control

I Don’t Want To Fail

My Heart Will Pale

In The Mercy Seat

As Such, I Must Complete

My Role


Daring To Care

Life Isn’t Fair

Step Out of the Crowd

Be Loud

Take Courage

Don’t Be Discouraged

Have No Fear

Father Is Here

All Will Be Ok

Maybe Not Today

But Someday…


Stuck In The Middle

Of A Crime in Time

Often Belittled

That Justice Missed Us

Thought of so Little

No One Ever Missed Us

Stuck On the Bottom

No Notice, Out of Focus

Spinning On A Spindle

Round & Round

You Can’t Erase

These Crimes without A Trace

Such A Disgrace

You’ll Get Your Place

Your Extreme Disgrace

A Hurdle Creates

Stuck In The Middle

Of Truth and Lies

Despite My Desire

To Run & Hide

Stepping Out

Taking The Stage

Back In The Middle

Of Your Mind Games

Stuck in the Middle

I See Your Disguise

It’s All For Show

I see Your Designs



As hard as it is starting over

Just be grateful you are aware

The opposite used to be true

You never knew why you were blue

Or even that you were

Death hates life

But yet, can’t live without it

He is the one who is dependent

Not you, the seed, the egg, the abundant

Soon, he’ll be trapped forever

You carry a burden

Fighting it all along the way

You refuse to trust in life

Every step, remembering every strife

A chip on your shoulder

You always know

The better way, don’t you

That’s why you’ll soon be erased

A strange conundrum leaves a trace

Always out of sync

If you didn’t want it

You would have it

But you do want it, so you won’t

Never yielding, always pressing is your wont

It’s the one thing you have yet to learn

Perhaps there is no other way

Of being, the situation didn’t leave room

For too many other reactions

Though ample opportunity for retractions

But still things remained the same

Unfortunately, with death

It’s the pattern

There is not another way around

Pain & negativity abounds

Please, be happy anyway

I know that for you

That’s way too tall of an order

As much as you may not want to admit it

There’s an advantage to starting over

But, there’s no convincing you

The triggers to the traumas are too close

When distance is present, you heal

But I know that doesn’t matter to you

And that makes me a little blue

That’s your choice; there’s nothing I can do

You always know better

And that’s the way it is… I accept it

This is the way that we chose it

The past has been written, you must face it

Look forward and be at peace within it

Just be happy regardless

Be happy anyway

Be happy anyway

Love your life anyway

Love life anyway